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        Agriculture Journal and Environmental Journal: IJOEAR (ISSN: 2454-1850) allows authors to submit their article and journal process it as follow:

        Step 1:  Author need to send their article to info.ijoear@gmail.com, info@www.troysteel.com


        Author can also submit article online with below link

        Click here to Submit your paper

        After submitting article, corresponding author will receive a unique Tracking ID to their email and author can check their paper status during the entire process of publication.

        Click here to know status of your paper

        Step 2: After submitting article, the journal team members will check the submitted article for plagiarism, if it founds good enough for publication, then, article will be sent to the respective Reviewer board member else it will be rejected at this stage.

        Step 3: We will wait for the board members reply, if we receive positive feedback, then we will send you the acceptance letter of your manuscript, else author will get a rejection letter.

        Step 4: If you will get acceptance letter, then you need to proceed with the registration process. You need to pay the publication fee and have to send the soft copy of the signed copyright form and registration form.

        Step 5: After completing the registration process from your end, our Reviewer board will prepare your manuscript and will point out and resolve mistakes if is in the manuscript and finalize your manuscript from their end.

        Step 6: After receiving the final version from Reviewer, our editorial team will work out on your article and prepare it in our format.

        Step 7: We will send you the final version of your manuscript for confirmation from your side before publication.

        Step 8: You can ask for any changes if you think it is in manuscript and finalize it with our editorial team.

        Step 9: Our board member and you will resolve the remaining mistakes and we will publish your quality article to reach more audience for your research work.

        Step 10: The final check will be done by our Managing Editor and Chief editor and finalized your manuscript and published it in our current issue.


        Publication process of IJOEAR flow chart