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        Agriculture journal plagiarism policy

        Agriculture Journal and Environmental Journal is an international research orgarnisation for publication of Agriculture and Environmental Science Research projects. The Journal aim is to encourage the Scientists or Researchers who has expert knowledge of the Environment and Agriculture sciences and can share their systematic research activity with the Natural world or the young professionals.

        Agriculture Journal and Environmental Journal: IJOEAR (ISSN: 2454-1850) is an open access peer reviewed monthly based international Journal working on the behaviour of strong plagiarism policy for publication of research article. Agriculture Journal and Environmental Journal provides open access platform where exchange of ideas plays an essential role in the academic research, as often it is only by conversation with others that can be fully possible to process data or concept. Therefore, researchers generally are motivated to get involved in conversations with their research, and even their projects. To ensure the proper sources of results and outcomes of research work, plagiarism policy is adopted. Therefore "IJOEAR" does not accept the article whose contents are copied from some other material. The contents should be acceptable only in the case that authors had mentioned the proper reference of the copied contents.

        The Agriculture Journal and Environmental Journal "IJOEAR" process the subittted article with initial plagiarism policy by checking the article with its own plagiarism software. At this stage the IJOEAR Team has the responsibility to process the article if it has not a single pargraph to be copied. If the content is copied the it should be rejected instantly and send author a rejection letter. If few lines are copied and it has not any reference then our member will email to authors either to addition of reference or to remove the copied line. The passed article will send to the related reviewer board member. The journal has rights to rejects the article at initial stage/in between publications or after publication also if there is any issue occurs regarding plagiarism. The article with proper references will be accepted for review and authors can submit their articles to us.

        The Agriculture Journal and Environmental Journal "IJOEAR" advised to all authors to check plagiarism with any online tools before submitting the manuscript to the journal. So if your article meets all requirements as per the policy then authors can submit their article to us with below link.