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        About us

        Agriculture Journal and Environmental Journal is an international research orgarnisation for publication of Agriculture and Environmental Science Research projects. The Journal aim is to encourage the Scientists or Researchers who has expert knowledge of the Environment and Agriculture sciences and can share their systematic research activity with the Natural world or the young professionals.

        Agriculture Journal and Environmental Journal: IJOEAR (ISSN: 2454-1850) is an open access peer reviewed monthly based international Journal working on the behavior of strong plagiarism policy for publication of research article. The Journal also helps to promote the young researcher to write their research with the help of our experienced board members. The Agriculture Journal and Environmental Journals intention is to process all the research papers with the help of our board members, so that the authors will get experienced to improve their research skill into the writing skill. The Journal is being indexed and abstracted by all major global current awareness and alerting services.

        Research areas include, but are not limited to:

        Agriculture Research:

        Soil Science, Plant Science, Animal Science, Agriculture Economics, Agriculture Chemistry, Natural Resources, Food system, Crop Production, Livestock Production, Aquaculture, Milk Production (Dairy), Forest Products and Forest management, Biological engineering, including genetic engineering, microbiology, Environmental impacts of agriculture, forestry, Food science, Husbandry, Irrigation and water management, Land use, Waste management and all fields related to Agriculture.

        Environmental Research:

        Environmental science and regulation, Ecotoxicology, Environmental health issues, Atmosphere and climate, Terrestric ecosystems, Aquatic ecosystems, Energy and environment, Marine research, Biodiversity, Pharmaceuticals in the environment, Genetically modified organisms, Biotechnology, Risk assessment, Environment society, Agricultural engineering, Animal science, Agronomy, including plant science, theoretical production ecology, horticulture, plant, breeding, plant fertilization, soil science and all field related to Environmental Research.

        Article Writing Steps

        Submission of Research papers are open in the following categories:

        1. Original research: Article completely written by Authors

        2. Survey/Review articles: , providing a comprehensive review on a scientific topic.

        3. Fast Communications: : Short, self-contained articles on ongoing research.

        4. Technical Notes: Written with some References, Study related to ongoing research, published article, Technical Theory.

        Paper Template:

        IJOEAR has their own article format for which we are published the research work. Authors should start their writing as per the format provided by the Journal. The font size, spacing, character, table format, Figure format should be arranged properly as per given in the format. Authors should aware to write new and carefully investigated results and experimental procedure. The investigation should be written properly so that it would be easily understand by everyone. The Article has the limit of 6 pages including figures and tables. Authors should ensure that the article which is going to submit with Environment and Agriculture journal be grammatically correct and contents would not be copied from others article.

        Note:Figures and Tables should be clearing and properly visible so that IJOEAR ensure the quality Publication for your research articles.

        Author can download the article format with below link

        Agriculture Journal Submit Icon

        Submission Procedure:

        Step 1:Authors need to prepare their article as per the format given in our website.

        Step 2:Author can find the Online submit link in home page at the top of menu bar and write the required details and submit their article as attachment with the submit button. Authors can also send their article to info.ijoear@gmail.com or info@ijoer.com.

        Step 3:After submitting the article online, authors will get an automated e-mail to their email ID with a unique Tracking Identification Number (Authors need to check their gmail spam folder or other junk folder if email not received.).

        Article Tracking Procedure:

        Authors can Track their article status with the below link or the link given in the left side bar in the Engineering Journal Home page.

        Track Your Article Here

        Publication Procedure

        Step 1:The article will check for initial plagiarism checker tools, and send to the related reviewer board if the article passes the plagiarism step. If the article found to be copied it will be rejected at this stage.

        Step 2:After getting the reviewer feedback about the article authors will get the acceptance or rejection letter about the article. If there is any possibility to change some contents then author will get intimation to submit their article with the respective changes and need to submit their article again.

        Step 3:If author receive acceptance letter, then author need to complete the registration process. The registration process includes the signed softcopy of copyright form and registration process and publication fee. The publication fee is decided by the journal Management team and no modification will be made in this.

        Step 4:After completing the registration process from the authors, Journal board member will start preparing the article and will point out and modify the mistakes if is in the article and finalize article from their end.

        Step 5:After receiving the final version from Reviewer, our editorial team will work out on your article formatting and prepare it in our format.

        Step 6:We will send you the final version of your article for confirmation from your side before publication.

        Step 7:You can ask for any changes if you think it is in article and finalize it with our editorial team.

        Step 8:At the final stage, our board member and you will resolve the remaining mistakes and finalize the article for publication. We will publish your quality article to reach more audience for your research work.

        Registration Fee

        Up to 3 Author or 6 pages registration fee is standard as given in the website home page (Payment details) or below link.

        If the number of authors or page exceeds the standard limit, then authors need to pay 500 INR (for Indian Authors) or 20 USD (for overseas) (Per Extra Authors) and (300 INR (for Indian) or 10 USD (for overseas) per extra pages.)

        Research Areas

        The researcher can share their Research related to the fields includes, but not limited to Information Technology, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. Researchers are also welcome to send the innovations in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

        Click here to see the Research Areas